Vocational Education

Students at a SEMHD school present a number of educational challenges. Westlands Academy recognises that, for some of our young learners, the classroom may not be the best place to learn. 

Our Academy currently runs a number of off-site placements that provide education in a non-classroom environment. They provide a range of different vocational opportunities that increases the prospects of those students that may have previously suffered in a traditional school setting.

Though these placements are off-site, our staff do still maintain close contact with the students. Our Vocational Support Mentor offers practical and educational help whilst members of the teaching staff lead classes in the placement centres. Students not only gain practical experience and qualifications but also more recognised qualifications that will help them further their education once their placement finishes.

The Westlands Alternative Provision provides an alternative learning environment based off site for Westlands students who require a different approach to the curriculum. Our aim is to provide a safe learning environment that delivers bespoke learning packages for individual students with a focus on life skills to prepare our students for life after school.

We deliver the core subjects, as well as offer access to vocational placements such as Construction, and Mechanics and also work closely with Youth Direction to offer advice on Post 16 opportunities.

As well as the curriculum, we also take part in leisure activities and rewards, with trips to facilities such as Aycliffe laserquaser and Flowrider indoor surfing at Redcar. These activities are really important as part of their social curriculum and have to be earned.

We cater predominantly for Key Stage 4 students, however also provide places for younger students who find the size of the Westlands Academy difficult to manage in and need something a little different. The students feel a real sense of belonging to the WAP and have settled in well since joining.

In the last "Good" OFSTED inspection our students were proud to show the inspector their work and it showed they enjoy being here.

Contact us on (01642) 883030 or email at westlands@horizonstrust.org.uk for more details.

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