Science is the study of the nature and behaviour of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them.

Through this subject we aim to provide students with the skills to understand the world we live in and inspire students to explore, be curious, ask the driving questions and push the boundaries of the universe as we know it. 

The Science lessons are delivered in a very modern, purpose build Science lab equipped with a vast array of resources to cover all aspects of the Science curriculum.

Science provides the opportunity to ask a huge variety of questions, Science lessons encourage the students to ask these questions and seek the knowledge to answer them.  Science lessons are designed with the students first, aiming to inspire and challenge students’ learning through interactive activities, experiments,  specialist resources and many different learning opportunities.

For further information please contact the Science teacher Mr. J. Mellon ( 

The SHAPE Curriculum 

Science is committed to ensuring that our students benefit from our whole-academy approach to education using the SHAPE curriculum. By embedding the ethos of this approach, we are able to make sure that our students are aspiring and resilient members of society when they leave us. 

  • Safe: Our students will learn how to use equipment safely, being responsible for their own equipment and using a workspace appropriately.  Students will also develop personal safety using protective clothing and eyewear whilst completing experiments.
  • Healthy: Though the curriculum students will learn about personal health and the body systems that work to keep the human body alive and healthy.  Students will understand what can damage their health, and have a clear understanding of health and safety in the science environment.  
  • Attendance: Our students will only become successful if they attend lessons. To achieve this, we have created a range of stimulating and engaging activities that inform and inspire.
  • Progress: Our curriculum is broken down into units that cover a half-term period. At the end of every unit is an evaluation session where students are assessed on the knowledge and skills they have learned. Accurate record keeping and reporting will highlight areas that students might need further learning and also where the students have been successful in knowing and understanding new knowledge and ideologies. 
  • Employable: Our students will gain the key skills that are required to help them understand the world we live in, and to provide key skills and qualifications to help future education and employment opportunities.
Key Stage 3 

During Key Stage 3 our students will receive a firm grounding in the basics of Science working across the three key areas of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Students will be able to enhance their knowledge of the scientific process needed to complete investigations and design their own investigations testing hypothesis and collecting data. Units covered include:

  • Science Investigation skills
  • Cells and respiration
  • Earth structure and solar system
  • Natural Hazards
  • Classifying Materials
  • Chemical changes
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Plants

In Year 9, students will be able to understand and develop a knowledge of the various systems that make up the human body with a scheme of work specifically designed to enhance their knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

Key Stage 4 

The Science department offer the Open Award Science qualification at Key Stage 4: 

Open Awards Level 1 Award and certificates allows students to prepare for further learning/training and to develop skills in this subject area.  It has been designed to give students the transferable skills required to complete scientific investigations as well as giving them the opportunity to cover a range of scientific theories and concepts relating to Biology, Chemistry and Physics 

This qualification allows students to gain credit for their abilities whilst at the same time show their progress through Key Stage 4. This qualification is recognised by employers and show that the student has gained knowledge and skills that are relevant to most employment. 

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