Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care is a subject which aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge to be able to support people in both the health and social care sector.

Health and Social Care is a growing subject and is expected to continue growing for many years, and with an aging population it is a vocation that is in demand. The Health and Social Care sector covers more than caring for people who are ill. It offers many different job opportunities in the NHS, care sector and social work.

Lessons will include creative activities, role play, research and discussions, you’ll learn about human development, drug and alcohol, cyberbullying and how to promote a healthy lifestyle. Students will develop essential transferable skills such as communication, research and analysis which are valued in both higher education and the workplace.

We pride ourselves on being a fun, interesting and a popular department that analyses real life issues that occur within society and the issues that influence health, social care and the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

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The SHAPE Curriculum

Health and Social Care is committed to ensuring that our students benefit from our whole-academy approach to education using the SHAPE curriculum. Due to the nature of Health and Social Care there is a lot of this subjects content that relate SHAPE. By embedding the ethos of SHAPE we are able to make sure that our students are aspiring and resilient members of society when they leave us. 

Safe: Our students will develop their awareness of drugs and alcohol and the dangers that are associated with them. Students will looks at the reasons why an individual may turn to drug and alcohol and the support that is in place to help tackle addiction.

Healthy: The physical development of a child is extremely important. The work that we as parents/ siblings/ friends put in to contribute to a positive development throughout the early life stages can determine how successful an individual can be during adulthood. For example when a child is not stimulated and shown how to develop fine and gross motor skills it can have a detrimental effect on them during adulthood. Students will be made aware of the activities that they can use for children and gain an insight into the key developments during early life stages.

Attendance: Our students will only become successful if they attend lessons. To achieve this, we have created a range of stimulating and engaging activities that empower students to learn.

Progress: Our curriculum is broken down into 5 units that consist of health promotion, the physical development of children, health care practice, drug awareness and understanding cyberbullying. Assessment activities consist of report writing, presentations, role plays and observations. Accurate record keeping and tracking will highlight areas that students may be struggling with. This will also show how students have developed skills that will benefit them when trying to gain employment.

Employment: Our students will develop essential transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, research and analysis which are valued in both further education and the workplace. The qualification provides an opportunity for students to progress directly into employment within a health and social care provider. Some of the units taught within this qualification are directly linked to the world of work, however there are some that provide students with the skills that will benefit them post 16 and beyond.

Key Stage 4

The Health and Social Care department offers the following course at Key Stage 4:

  • Open Awards Level 2 Certificate in Skills for Health and Care Professions (RQF) which provides students with an in-depth understanding across all areas or one chosen specialist area of the health and care sector.

As part of the qualification, students will study the following units:

  • Drug Awareness
  • Understanding Cyberbullying
  • The Physical Development of Children
  • Health Care Practice
  • Health Promotion in Care Settings

This qualification is recognised by employers and will show that the student has gained the necessary skills and knowledge that are relevant to most employers.

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