Design & Technology

Design technology is a subject that prepares pupils for the world in a wide range of ways, from personal tool use, basic maintenance, to recycling and environmental issues.

This subject is especially important in Westlands, as many learners often excel in more practical subjects. This course provides learners with skills and knowledge to progress in the world of engineering and construction.

The Design Technology area has 2 dedicated teaching rooms and an external gardening area for horticulture. We have woodworking machines, welding and brazing equipment, plastic forming equipment and computer-controlled machines. These areas give pupils the ability to show their abilities to follow health & safety and use potentially dangerous tools.

Pupils enjoy their time in DT due to the wide variety of projects, and freedom to learn, design and make mistakes. If a learner struggles with one aspect of DT, they know that there is another project with different materials and skills later in the year.

The SHAPE Curriculum 

ICT & Computing is committed to ensuring that our students benefit from our whole-academy approach to education using the SHAPE curriculum. By embedding the ethos of this approach, we are able to make sure that our students are aspiring and resilient members of society when they leave us. 

  • Safe: Our students will learn how to use equipment safely and how their actions have an impact on the environment of the world.
  • Healthy: Physical health matters and students learn how to plan and grow different food stuffs during horticulture lessons. They also learn about the hazards of inhaling dangerous substances, and the damage that could be caused to the environment.
  • Attendance: Our students will only become successful if they attend lessons. To achieve this, we have created a range of stimulating and engaging activities that inform and inspire.
  • Progress: Our curriculum is broken down into units that cover a half-term period. At the end of every unit is an evaluation session where students are assessed on the skills they have learned. Accurate record keeping and reporting will highlight areas that students might need further learning and also where the students have been successful in knowing and understanding new knowledge and ideologies. 
  • Employable: Our students will gain the key skills that are required to ensure that they become productive in the future. Some of the units covered are directly linked to the world of work (using real-world examples) whilst others allow the students to develop the transferable skills that will prove invaluable post-16 and beyond. 

During KS3 students will learn the skills and rules of using all the equipment in the workshop. This is done though a variation of projects listed below

Year 7

  • Wooden rattle roller
  • Electronic steady hand game  
  • Moving toy
  • Metal cast key rings
  • Batique
  • Christmas decoration

Year 8

  • Flashing bike light
  • Bird box
  • Plastic formed money box
  • Metal forged coat hanger
  • Christmas decoration

Year 9

  • Foot stools
  • Textiles bag, with cultural print
  • Storage box
  • Start of Open awards


Open Awards Construction Level 2, with different units tailored to pupils.

  • M/506/9091 Exploring Health, Safety and Welfare in Construction
  • T/615/9112 Communication in the Workplace
  • M/616/6527 Skills for Employment
  • T/506/9173 Prepare and Use Carpentry and Joinery Portable Power Tools
  • H/505/5947 Expanding Bench Joinery Skills

For those students showing skill, aptitude and ability, further Level 2 qualifications are available via the Diploma:

  • M/506/9091 Exploring Health, Safety and Welfare in Construction
  • J/616/6520 A Career Working in Construction 1
  • K/506/9168 Building Methods and Construction Technology
  • T/615/9112 Communication in the Workplace
  • M/616/6527 Skills for Employment
  • H/616/6525 Responsible Work Practice
  • H/505/5950 Working for Yourself
  • T/506/9173 Prepare and Use Carpentry and Joinery Portable Power Tools credits
  • H/505/5947 Expanding Bench Joinery Skills
  • K/505/6081 Maintain Tools and Equipment used in Furniture Making and Installation
  • T/506/3440 Exploring Carpentry and Joinery

Students from all years partake in horticulture, for educational and therapeutic reasons. Many pupils like to work outside and get enjoyment from growing.

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