As a key part of the education within any school, English not only provides reading and writing skills but also those skills required for understanding and reasoning - the key for life inside and out of school.

Key Stage 3

Across Key Stage Three, in English, we cover a range of exciting and interesting topics. These topics are relevant to the pupils within the school and are used to entice the young adults to take an active part and enjoy English lessons.

There are a number of schemes that have to be covered in the subject. Each scheme consists of a range of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills which are needed to progress. Pupils are encouraged to develop their own thinking and opinions whilst being taught to respond appropriately and maturely. Within the English schemes there are particular focuses that will prepare the pupils for the next stage in their educational development at Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4

Across Key Stage 4, students are entered for a range of different qualifications. We offer Entry Level, Functional Skills Level 1 and 2 and GCSE English. We have more and more students completing the GCSE English qualification. 

For Entry Level:

Candidates must complete a portfolio of work. This will include two Reading Assessments, two Writing Assessment and a Speaking and Listening Assessment. They can do this by reading a novel and a play and commenting on the author’s purpose and language. They must utilise a number of reading skills such as skimming, scanning and close reading.

For Functional Skills:

Candidates must sit two examinations - reading and writing - and complete a Speaking and Listening assessment. They can re-sit a unit if required but they must use a number of different writing skills such as writing for different audiences and purposes, sentence construction and vocabulary building.

For GCSE English:

Candidates must complete 3 Units:

  • Unit 1 - Understanding and producing non-fiction texts.
  • Unit 2 - Speaking and Listening.
  • Unit 3 - Understanding and Producing Creative Texts.

They must also complete two Writing Assessments: Students will submit two pieces of writing prepared under controlled conditions chosen from two of the topics in this unit.

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