Careers and Post-16

We strongly believe that our students should all have access to high quality careers education, advice and guidance through all years and particularly at key transition times to explore the full range of opportunities available to them.

At Westlands, students across all year groups participate in a structured and comprehensive careers education through their PSHE lessons as well as in their different subjects. The school uses the Gatsby Benchmark to help us focus on the areas of careers guidance and practice that will be most beneficial to our students. For more information on the Gatsby benchmarks please use this link:

Good Career Guidance | Education | Gatsby

As part of National Careers Week the following booklet has been sent to all parents and carers to help support Post-16 guidance and discussions at home: Post-16 Guidance

Year 7: Students learn about the importance of work, developing their aspirations and raise awareness of the importance of managing finances effectively

Year 8: Students will gain an understanding around different types of careers that are available within the local community and beyond

Year 9: Students gain an understanding around the importance of understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and what skills are desirable to different employers.

Year 10: Students learn more about the possible options that are open to them at Post-16 and gain a better understanding about what qualifications are available to them and what employability skills are required.

Year 11: Students are really encouraged to apply for their preferred courses and this is supported using both internal and external guidance. Parents and carers are also supported and provided with the support, guidance and advice needed to help make a successful Post-16 transition.

Other Activities

Personal Development Lessons

All students in Years 7-10 take part in a range of lessons that give them key skills to be successful in the employment market. These lessons also include competency and abilities in those areas that gives them an advantage over those who may follow a more mainstream education. Lessons currently offered include:

  • Careers and Employment
  • Community Safe
  • Household DIY
  • First Aid
  • Independent Living
  • Applied Languages
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Health

1-1 and small group careers interview

Students from Key Stage 4 groups are provided with a guidance interview from, our independent and impartial IAG Adviser from Youth Direction. They explore ideas and support with researching options for hen they leave.  All students are offered at least one individual guidance interview in Year 11 to support with post 16 choices, with many taking up the option to access further support, including family and carer support.

Further Education provision visits

Held in locally in the Teesside area students in Year 9 and above have the opportunity to meet a range of colleges, training providers and employers to talk through their ideas and options, to develop their career and training plans. These are now more accessible to students through virtual tours that are now available online. 

Should you wish to find out more information around specific Post-16 educational providers, please click here.

Post-16 Providers Information Fair

During the Autumn Term, a wide variety of Post-16 providers are invited into school so that students from Year 9 upwards have a chance to speak directly with providers within the familiar surroundings of the school. Parents and carer are also invited to come into school and to encourage engagement and ensure a relaxing atmosphere, it is run alongside a charity coffee morning.

Employers Fair

To help improve the knowledge of our students around the world of work, an employer’s fair will take place on an annual basis where students, parents and carers will have the chance to meet with different employers and speak with them about skills and qualifications that specific jobs require.

Employer and workplace encounters

Westlands Academy is wanting to provide all students with relevant and engaging employer and workplace encounters to help broaden the knowledge and aspirations of our students around career choices. We are working hard to build up a list of partners who we work with but please contact the school if you feel that you could help support us with this.

We also take advantage of the Tees Valley Shout Out Portal. This service allows employers to join together with education providers to provide opportunities to up-skill students and provide links to future employment opportunities.


As an employer, if you would like to offer services or support please contact

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