We have recently introduced the SHAPE framework to HSAT's SEMH academies. This framework provides a clear rationale for what progress and attainment looks like in our specialist settings. 

  • Safe – A priority area for us is safety. Our students, staff and buildings need to be safe. 
  • Healthy – Students need to be and feel as healthy as possible – physically and emotionally.
  • Attend – SEMH secondary schools tend to have lower attendance rates and higher persistent absence rates than mainstream schools. Our students need to attend.
  • Progress – If students are safer, healthier and attend more, we can guarantee that they will make progress whilst with us. This is clearly defined as both academic progress and progress towards meeting the desired outcomes of the students’ Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).
  • Employable – If students are safe, healthy, attend and make progress, they put themselves in the best possible position to become employable once they leave school.


These 5 essential aspects form the framework for a successful and meaningful SEMH curriculum. They also neatly arranged themselves into the acronym SHAPE!

The SHAPE framework will provide a clarity of purpose to leaders, teachers, students and their families.

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