We are proud of Westlands, the students and the staff that work here.

Don't take our word for it! We recently asked some of our parents and carers what makes Westlands special and how has it affected the young people that come here. Here are a selection of the responses:


I would like to take this opportunity, in writing to you, to thank the school wholeheartedly for all their efforts, care, and support of J during his education journey.
J arrived at the beginning of year 7, a very nervous student, unsure of himself let alone what secondary school would have in store for him. There were many challenges in the beginning, with J communicating his feelings in some unique ways, but everyone stood by him, trying to peel back the layers he has built up over a very challenging early life.
This tenacity and commitment to him remained throughout all his years at Westlands, not only allowing J to grow and learn, maximising his true potential, but also allowing him to re-establish trust in adults he would have never before believed possible.
As J’s time with yourselves comes to a close, and he moves on to the next chapter in his life, including an unconditional college placement which he has already been offered, we would all like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported J through his learning experience at Westlands.
Everyone we have had contact with at the school has been, not only professional, but has made us feel that J was an individual and his learning needs truly mattered. This is now completely evident in his success academically, meeting or exceeding in all of his end of year targets, but in many ways something far more important, you have helped shape a young person who now also has belief in himself.
I wish everybody at Westlands the very best for their future and I hope they all continue to inspire minds and shape the young people to be as happy and confident as J is.

Mr H. (J's carer)

When N joined Westlands Academy, I didn't know much about the school, and I did have reservations about how well he would get on at the school. 
However, my experiences of Westlands Academy were extremely positive. The communication with the school was excellent throughout N's time at the school, and staff from the school built really strong relationships with us at home and developed an amazing relationship with N. N had really struggled in his primary education, but has thrived throughout his time at Westlands. 
I feel that school supported N in all areas of his education. The care, the expertise and the patience of the staff was first rate and the support around his social and emotional well being helped him to flourish at Westlands. He was accepted for who he was, and the school helped N to celebrate his differences and become tolerant of other differences and helped him to build good relationships with his peers.
I couldn't have expected anything better for N and the staff knew him so well and could really support his individual learning and social and emotional needs exceptionally well. 
Ms. R (N's carer)
X started Westlands Academy in Y7. I must admit that I had heard bad things about Westlands from when I was younger and I was initially concerned that X would struggle at Westlands.
Needless to say, X did absolutely amazingly throughout his time at Westlands and came out with 15 Level 1 qualifications and Maths and English at Level 2. As a school, Westlands really kept me informed of how well X was doing and if he was finding things difficult. They also helped to support me if I needed extra support and I have no reservations in recommending Westlands Academy to other parents because I know how hard working and professional the staff at Westlands are.
I was that impressed with how X did during his time at Westlands that my youngest son, Y, has started there this year. 
Miss M. (X & Y's parent)
I have worked with Westland’s school for 9 years in total, and the school has supported many young people in our care. Westland’s has always been a great school and they ensure the young people make good education progress. A young person in our care recently left school with 13 qualifications which was a fantastic achievement, and they were successful at gaining a Level 2 course at Middlesbrough college.  The young people are supported and encouraged to attend school, and measures are put in place where young people are struggling. We have good working relationships with the staff at Westland’s who listen to concerns and communicate effectively. I would highly recommend the school, and we are looking forward to working with them going forward.
Mr. S. (Care Home Manager)
Our child could not manage in main stream school, the provision that Westlands offer has been just what he needed the plan around his learning and emotional needs has been adapted for him as he moved through the academic years and helped him achieve his full potential. We always found the staff friendly and helpful.
Thank you for all you've done for a child. 
Mr M. (Carer)
You know that terrifying feeling you get when it comes to knowing if you are choosing the right school for you child - I got that too. I know too well that fear of "getting it right!". I did what we all do: ask around to see what other parents had to say about Westlands Academy. The head teacher came to visit with whom would be his new teacher, which was a big relief also helping remove any fears how he might impact the other students learning too.
Expecting the worst and waiting for the phone calls each and every day telling us to come and deal with him... I got the phone call: "Hello, just wanted to let you know A's had an amazing first day!". It was the first time we had gotten a call to say what a amazing day he had had. Not having to come deal with him but getting a positive call even now brings tears to my eyes. Each week we get a phone call on how he has been and if we need to work on anything.
What I have found is staff who stop and listen to what I have to say. Each week that passed I learned to relax more and before we realised it the year was coming to a end. We were shocked and stunned his first full school year and he had completed it fully. One proud "mamma bear" as if I'd just been told he'd stepped onto the moon!
A is making great progress even thought he is well below those the same age as him. This is truly more than we had ever expected as his previous school told us that he would never reach these levels. Just goes to show you that the right school can truly make a massive difference.
I have never advocated for a school like I do for Westlands - I'm NOT getting paid off the head teacher to write this for you! I wish I had attended the school the amazing activities and Outdoor Ed trips they go on - amazing; seriously you will be shocked!
Yep, grinning like the Cheshire Cat!
Mrs. B. (A's parent)
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