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How we know if children and young people need extra help and what parents/carers should do if they think their child or young person may have special educational needs.
Westlands Academy is an 11-16 special school for students who have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) or a statement for SEMHD. All students receive on going assessment of their academic and behavioural needs and if there are any issues in these areas the school will put a bespoke support package in place e.g. additional support from an Educational Psychologist, additional literacy support, vocational provision. If you feel your student’s special educational needs have changed or are not being met then please get in touch with either your child’s class teacher or the Principal, Mr James Newman.
How our school staff supports young people
We at Horizons Specialist Academy Trust (HSAT) are committed to ensuring that all young people are well supported by highly skilled staff who will oversee the individual education plan of a young person as outlined in their EHCP or statement of special educational needs. All staff will be aware of your young person’s needs and will ensure that you are kept fully involved if there are any changes to that plan.
How the curriculum will be matched to your young person’s needs.
The curriculum at Westlands concentrates on a mixture of practical subjects, core subjects and a range of therapeutic/social skills building opportunities. This is delivered through our standard curriculum model with the ability to offer a bespoke package to students who are requiring additional support.
How we tell you how well your young person is doing and what support we have put in place to help your young person.
At HSAT we encourage parents and carers to have regular contact with the school your young person attends.In addition to the regular reports parents and carers receive, each young person will have their statement/EHCP reviewed annually, parents and carers are encouraged to attend the review. There are regular opportunities and events to talk to your student's teacher about their progress. You will also find out how your student is doing through progress reports that you will receive. For some children and young people it is appropriate to have a home school book.At Westlands we maintain contact with you regarding your child's welfare and attainment through:
  • Termly Parents Evenings
  • Interim Reviews sent home half way through the year charting student’s academic levels, effort and behaviour in each subject
  • Staff available to meet with parents as and when required or where appropriate
  • Open lines of communication through telephone conversations/e-mails
  • The opportunity for the daily points cards used by each student to be sent home to show parents/carers
Good health and wellbeing is central to effective learning. Where young people feel included, respected, safe and secure and when their achievements and contributions are valued and celebrated, they are more likely to develop self-confidence, resilience and positive views about themselves.All staff share a responsibility for identifying care and welfare needs. Robust policies and practice which ensure the safety and wellbeing of young people are in place. These include anti-bullying strategies, dealing with loss and supporting young people experiencing mental health issues.
Specific services and expertise available and accessed at your young person’s school.
HSAT has highly skilled specialist teaching staff in all of its schools. Where it is appropriate young people have access to educational psychologists, speech and language  therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and specialist resources i.e. hydro therapy. Other services that may be involved at your young person’s school are Youth Directions, STEP’s and Social Care.
How our staff are trained to support young people with their special educational needs.
All staff at HSAT follow a comprehensive Professional Learning programme which is tailored to the special educational needs of the young.
At Westlands we have staff who are trainers in Team Teach and all other staff are Team Teach trained. Team Teach emphasises a spectrum of gradual and graded responses to reduce the probability of challenging behaviour escalating towards violence. Staff receive extensive CPD on safeguarding, mental health issues, assessment, teaching and learning and behavioural support. A group of teachers are trained to deliver play based interventions.
How we include all young people in activities outside of the classroom and on school trips.
All young people will have the opportunity to take part in activities, whatever they are, outside of the classroom. We have an inclusive approach for all of our young people regardless of their disability or special educational needs. All of our activities and school trips are designed to enhance a young person’s life skills.
How accessible our school environment is.
Currently Westlands is not DDA compliant.
How school will prepare and support your young person to join the school, move to a new school and move onto their next stage of education or life.

We at HSAT pride ourselves in the comprehensive transitions packages that we have in place at all key stages. We have teachers who as part of their remit have responsibility for transition.

Prior to entry at Westlands senior staff will visit the student at their current school and parents/carers at home. A visit to Westlands will then be arranged. On entry all students receive an induction package.

Y11 staff and pupils work collaboratively with Youth Directions to carefully map out post 16 routes.

How we allocate resources to meet your young person’s special educational needs.

Each young person has allocated to them a budget that will meet their specific educational needs which will be outlined in their statement. If we feel that a young person’s needs have changed then we will talk to you about this. We may need to ask for additional support for your young person, you will be involved in all decisions about support.

SEN Information Report

Please see the Trust's SEN Information Report which will provide you with more information on how as a Trust we support children and young people with special educational needs.

Who you need to contact if you need further information.

James Newman


Tel: 01642 883030

Email: james.newman@horizonstrust.org.uk

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