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The end of Year 11 will present you with a number of challenges. We're here to help you...

The last two terms of your time at Westlands can be tough; exams, coursework, finding a something to do when you leave - it is all pressure. Relax and take a deep breath. We are here to help!

Remember that we are proud of you and all that you have achieved whilst you have been at Westlands. Each and every one of you have unique skills and qualities that make you special and our Academy would not be the same without you. Exams and coursework are there to show everyone how much you have grown and learnt since you joined us and they are a marker that you can take forward into your college, apprenticeship or employment. It is your chance to shine!

There are a number of independent sources of support and advice to help you through this difficult time. To equip you with smart exam strategies, help you manage stress and aid you in making good lifestyle choices during the exam period, click on the links blow and ease the pressure.

Exam pressure, Childline


Exam stress, BBC Advice


Student life, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)


Exam stress, Student Minds


Don't forget our revision links (click here to go there!) or you could speak to your form tutor for more help.

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